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Customer Preference Center

“'Zero' party data is gold… When a customer trusts a brand enough to provide this really meaningful data, it means that the brand doesn’t have to go off and infer what the customer wants

Fatemeh Khatibloo, VP principal analyst, Forrester

Create a Customer Preference Center and allow your customers to manage their interests, offer personalization & express declarative purchase intentions. Focus on zero-party data and enrich 360° customer profiles.

Analyze performance of activities aimed at acquiring declarative customer data. Develop an effective strategy for building complete customer profiles to deliver even more impressive marketing results.
Focus on zero-party data. This knowledge makes your content fully customizable to users' needs - starting from the type of products to their size, all based on customers' choices made in the Preference Center.
Enhance 360° customer profiles by adding declarative data to the customer view. Use zero-party data for even better personalization of marketing campaigns.


better and personalize your marketing like never before


Customer Experience on the highest level while being mindful of data ethics


on giving your customers, unique or even exclusive content


recipients decide what content they receive from your company


users to voluntarily provide information about their intentions, motivations, and interests


data in the most legitimate way possible with the highest data ethics, to don’t disappoint customers


all consents and data from each channel in one place


with customers through their selected channels and at their preferred times


perfectly to the needs of consumers, show only fitted data and products


  • Capabilities
  • Wizard especially tailored to your eCommerce needs
  • Consent management center
  • Available for identified contacts
  • Perfect compatibility with your consumer preferences based on zero-party data
  • Define communication channels preferred by the users
  • Message priorities management
  • Capability to select Individual frequency of all communication methods by the user
  • Customizable deliverability of marketing materials about new products and new recommendations
  • Option to choose product preferences by the consumer
  • Possibility to update preferences by the user
  • Possibility to opt-out any time
  • Transparent data ethics policy available to all


  • Allow customers to fully control and monitor all their marketing consents

    Make your Preference Center a safe space of customer data with quick and easy access to update it by the user.

  • Listen to the customers’ needs even more precisely

    Give them time to choose their preferred channels, how and at what time they want to hear from you.

  • Gather real, rich data and be more efficient in your actions

    Zero-party data is the most reliable and relevant collection of information about your customers, make use out of it and watch your profits grow!

  • Assure your consumers that they are in the right hands

    Collect data properly with data ethics and use possessed information on the highest level.

  • Make your marketing feel authentic, conversational, and human

    Let customers tell you who they are and what they enjoy to tailor their experience to their preferences. Strike the perfect balance between 'tell us about yourself’ and 'let us tell you about ourselves’.

  • Avoid AI and statistical pitfalls

    By using the Preference Center, you will know your customers inside out, preferred products, sizes, or even colors of their choice.

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